For more than 40 years, Stiebs has been the recognized leader in industrial ingredient pomegranate processing. Founded by George Stieb in 1963 as Stiebs Pomegranate Products, Stiebs has continually worked to refine its methods and techniques. From juicing and extraction to purity, refrigeration and delivery, Stiebs has pioneered the processing of pomegranate ingredients.

Hailed as the grandfather of the American pomegranate industry, George Stieb grew Stiebs from an at-home juicing operation, into the gold standard for modern pomegranate processing. Believing in the value of personal relationships, George created a worldwide network of friends and contacts within the pomegranate industry. By doing so, Stieb guaranteed the company access to the finest fruit and the most up-to-date food science data.

As part of its ongoing commitment to offering the best in pomegranate ingredient processing, Stiebs Pomegranate Products entered into a strategic alliance with fruit and beverage veterans Jerry Pantaleo and Brad Miller in July of 2005. Stiebs continued its pioneering leadership of the industry it helped to revolutionize, producing a full line of exciting pomegranate from a state-of-the-art processing facility in Madera, California. At the request of their customers, Pantaleo and Miller began to explore the world in search of the highest quality superfruits for food, beverage and wellness products.


Under the direction of Pantaleo and Miller, Stiebs Pomegranate Products has become Stiebs, a company devoted to sourcing, processing and delivering the world's finest plant-based products. Stiebs recognizes its role as a resource for companies looking for information as well as top-quality natural products and product development services, so our team works tirelessly to be informed on current product research and emerging fruits and flavors. Moving beyond the standard industry juicing practices of cull and salvage, Stiebs has entered into long-term commitments with top growers to cultivate California pomegranates exclusively for its valued customers, and visits growers from all over the world to find the best sources for other natural products. Jerry Pantaleo's experience and world-class processing infrastructure combined with Brad Miller's innovative product development, strategic marketing, and sales acumen keeps the Stiebs promise by focusing on quality, integrity, value, and customer service.


Because Stiebs is committed to furthering knowledge about the remarkable health benefits of plant-based products, it plays an active role in ongoing research. Beginning with its early work with leading pomegranate health science pioneers, Stiebs has remained dedicated to fully understanding the amazing benefits of the pomegranate, and collaborating on research in field and lab for acai, mangosteen, goji and other fruits. With an eye to the future, Stiebs is currently funding ongoing research projects with private laboratories and the University of Massachusetts.


Because quality matters.

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