Company Profile

At Stiebs we understand that what was good enough yesterday is not always good enough today. Today's knowledgeable consumer demands and deserves higher standards of quality, freshness and flavor. We travel the world to be certain Stiebs doesn't simply meet those standards – we exceed them.

What sets Stiebs apart?

Stiebs has one focus – our customers. For over 40 years Stiebs has been building relationships with the finest brokers and growers in California and the world. As a result, we are guaranteed direct access to a steady supply of the best fruit on the market, which gives us the ability to create the freshest, purest products available today. In addition, by working with our growers, Stiebs has been able to implement cutting-edge agricultural practices that improve quality while increasing yields. Our reputation for quality, research, and industry growth has been unwavering.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Stiebs products are processed at a world-class 40-acre plant with two, 20,000 square-foot processing buildings built from the ground up in 1998. This facility sets the modern standard for the production of a range of industrial plant and fruit ingredients. Equipped with centrifuge, roto-vac, pressure-leaf, cross-flow and reverse-osmosis filtration systems, as well as steam and water-based pasteurizers, and 1.8 million gallons of stainless steel refrigeration, the facility can meet all customer needs. Our plant meets or exceeds all modern food safety controls and is both Organic and Kosher certified.

More than a vendor - Stiebs is a Resource

Stiebs is devoted to sourcing, processing and delivering the world's finest plant-based products. Stiebs recognizes its role as a resource for companies looking for information as well as top-quality natural products and product development services, so our team works tirelessly to be informed on current product research and emerging fruits and flavors. From the development of your product to its production and rollout, we have the knowledge, expertise, R&D, service level, and infrastructure to help your company succeed in today's competitive market.

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