IQF Cubes

Our vast manufacturing expertise and global sourcing experience allows us to offer a full line of custom frozen cubes.

Form Fill Cubes

The most diverse line of Retail and Private Label cubes on the market

Tray cube products can range from fresh herbs and spice blends to sauces and flavor boosts. These can be sleeved or packed in bulk cases.

Smoothie Cubes

Great taste, functional delivery with or without a blender

Our products include ingredient cubes made from fruit and vegetables, customized savory sauces, fortified and functional ingredients, and fully formulated “Blender-less” smoothie cubes.

Savory Sauce Cubes

Value-added sauces for your frozen food products

Clean, efficient, portion-control cubes that can be added to a steamer bag or skillet meal. Stiebs offers in-house blends as well as custom formulations to fit price targets.